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Who invested in you?

An angel investor is someone who has personally (not as an employee of a fund) made an equity or debt investment in your company. An institutional investor is a firm with outside capital that has made an investment in your company.

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Which tech entrepreneurs have you invested in?

An angel investment is a debt or equity investment that you have personally made (not as an employee of a fund) in another company. An institutional investment is a debt or equity investment that you have made as an employee of an institutional investor with outside capital.

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What technology entrepreneurs have mentored you?

A mentor is someone who has advised you on critical business issues at least three times for periods longer than 30 minutes.

What technology entrepreneurs have you mentored?

A mentee is someone who you have advised on critical business issues at least three times for periods longer than 30 minutes.


What tech entrepreneurs have inspired you?

An inspirer is someone who inspired you to start your business and become an entrepreneur. You do not need to know them personally.

Which of your former employees have gone on to found tech companies?


What are your thoughts on the entrepreneurship ecosystem in your city?

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